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Everything You Should Know About iTunes

October 20, 2011

iTunes is known to all who use and iPod, iPhone and iPad as it is the only official way to import music, videos, app, podcasts etc. to you Apple device. It’s a completely MAC product from its look feel and use of power. If you own a Windows, Linux etc. OS you will notice the complete change in the look and feel of the application. And although it has many flaws and issues that plague a great application it’s important to know your way around the application to really be able to get around the applications many blurry edges.

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iTunes is a beloved and well known application to all who have owned a mobile apple device. The users who own these devices also know the complete and utter importance of the application as it handles a lot more than just the music, apps, and video library of the user. iTunes is backup utility that helps keep a backup of your apple device that helps keep you covered when and if you lose your entire device set up. This made iTunes an essential for all apple mobile device users and it is but with all things essential their tends to be many issues with them. And with iTunes the biggest is the application itself. iTunes is a must for all Apple users but it has many flaws which makes it a pain to work with every time you need to sync, update and restore your mobile apple device.

Apple has had iTunes since the original iPod launch and since then it has become an apple trademark product up in the ranks with the iPhone, iPad and iPod making it the application face of apple. This is why iTunes looks like a slice of the MAC OS system and stands out so much in your otherwise windows, Linux etc. computer. iTunes is seen as a way to experience MAC on your non MAC device and iTunes does that with more finesse and style than any other application in market. But its functionality where the application really starts to fail. With iTunes being such a vital aspect of any mobile apple device and that makes it a hassle to use as there are numerous unresolved issues with the application.

The biggest issue being the loading times with the application. When free itunes starts up its presence is so strong that is ridiculously slows down and next to stops the rest of the processing power of your computer. This is greatly due to the time that iTunes seems to take to locate all of your music, apps, videos etc. files making the launch of the application a real painstaking experience. Especially seeing how essential the application is to users. As well as launching in a mind numbingly slow time which becomes greater and greater with each increase of content that you have in your iTunes library. The iTunes application continues to surprise with its even more ridiculous updating and syncing times for mobile apple devices. These syncing times are much longer and time consuming than expected from an application that bears as much importance and value to apple and users alike. And although iTunes has gotten better with each reincarnation once its ends a cycle these major loading times have remained a constant for all users. This is especially worse for people who have less powerful and more mediocre computers who have less proceeding power to use on the application.

But with apple ever growing users got a fantastic new update to iTunes with the launch of iTunes 10 that although attempted to solve the problem wasn’t able to fully get rid of it. iTunes was less demanding on computers and thus users with mediocre computers were able to enjoy their apple devices without having disruptions while updating and or syncing them. With iTunes 10 apples made iTunes a more stable application helping many of the users who were frustrated with the apples iconic application. iTunes although of great importance to all apple users it is a very slow and at times frustrating experience for users who have a lot of content in their iTunes library.

This is greatly due to the expansion of iTunes as the biggest seller of music and videos on mobile devices in the world. Meaning most apple users tend to have a lot of music, videos etc. to get into their devices. And although Apple has tried to reduce the pressure and importance that iTunes holds. By having the iTunes app on all iOS devices making it easy for users to download music and videos to their iOS devices automatically. So that users don’t have to use the applications as much it still hasn’t greatly helped with the use of iTunes only minutely removed the load. But with iOS 5 apples has made all its iOS 5 devices to be able to function without the need of a computer of any sort. Meaning apple users will not have to use iTunes if they did not wish to do so. This was made possible thanks to iCloud that backups the apple device without syncing to iTunes. This means that iTunes will finally not have all the pressures of being essential to the apple experience. As apple has finally listened to the complaints of many apple product users and greatly lessened the importance of iTunes. For more info visit free itunes download


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